Saturday, 27 February 2010

Just in time

I just managed to make something for K within Celebrate the Boy month. Not anything from any of the great tutorials though, just a simple pair of trousers and a decorated T-shirt. And no, I did not make the T-shirt. That would just be silly...

I was guided by 3 things in making these trousers:

One, shop-bought trousers that K already has, for size.

Two, the trousers I made for him from one of my old T-shirts last year, for construction method.

And three, the principle that they're just a pair of trousers for playing in, and don't have to be perfect. For my sanity.

When I first saw this fabric it just shouted out 'applique!' to me, so I got a plain T-shirt and had a go. I encouraged a bit of fraying around the edges for a bit of rough, boyish charm, and so that when disparaging busybodies point out that I haven't done a very good job, I can claim that it was meant to be like that.

It's K's birthday next week so I'm going to wait and give this to him then. I did want to try the trousers on him before sewing up the elastic though, so I left them on the back of a chair in the kitchen. When K came down in the morning he spotted them there and made a beeline for them, even ignoring the open lap-top! That made my day :-D

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