Wednesday, 17 February 2010

International fabric swap anyone?

One of the first blogs I started reading regularly was Jo's A Bit Of This And A Bit Of That. Like me, Jo is British and is living in Japan with her husband and little boy. Her blog is far superior to mine though! It's where I first heard about Montessori, and is a great source of creative inspiration.

From time to time Jo organises swaps, usually Montessori-related, and this time I've signed up! Actually this time we're swapping fabric so it's not specifically Montessori, and anyone can join in as long as you're willing to ship internationally. Each person will send out and receive a total of one and a half yards (or metres, if you prefer!) of fabric. Jo is still on the lookout for more participants so pop into her blog here, get the details and sign yourself up!

(Have fun at Jo's blog. Just don't be so enamoured that you never come back here...)

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  1. thanks Diane! I have had a couple more sign up, looking good :o)