Monday, 8 February 2010

All singing, all dancing

K still doesn't talk, apart from the occasional 'bye-bye'. Even that is more often directed at lorries or planes than at people. He does chatter a lot though, and I'm sure his stories would be very interesting if I could understand them.

What he lacks in speaking, he makes up for in singing. Although the words are gobbledy-gook, you can identify the songs by his timing and intonation. He also claps or taps his foot and dances along to the music.

There are some songs that K manages to get the words right for though. He replies 'Noah, Noah' to 'Who built the ark?', and his version of Old MacDonald goes E-I-E-I-E. Recently he's been 'Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba' Barbara-Ann-ing along with the Beach Boys when we've been out in the car...

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