Friday, 12 February 2010


Goldie, the king of drum and bass, is currently touring Japan. There are just 4 dates on the tour: Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and ... right here in Yonago. Bear in mind that this is a small city in the least populated prefecture (like a British county) in Japan!

It seems that Cian decided that, rather than traipsing down to Osaka to see Goldie, he'd get the man to come and do a gig here. And he did. And I went. And it was fantastic.

The venue was a bar with a small dance-floor on the second floor and a lounge area on the 3rd (which had been a storage room until the day before...). I think the word for the gig was 'intimate' - each floor is not much bigger than the main living area in my house. Pretty much all the foreigners I know in the area were there, giving it the feel of a big private party. And the, shall we say, 'compactness' meant that lots of people got to have a chat with Goldie, take photos with him (except for the idiots who forgot their cameras...) and generally hang out.

Notable points of the evening:
  • Cian's perma-grin (well done mate!)
  • The unexpected playing of 'Teen Spirit' - that got'em going
  • Goldie taking photos of the other acts and the crowd - oh, the tourist...
  • The lads getting their shirts off - remember, I said notable points not highlights
  • Goldie initiating a conversation with me
  • The fact that he seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as we were, and that he promised to come again next year!

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