Friday, 17 May 2013

Golden Week

Once more a month has slipped by and I have written nothing here... My schedule is no different to before, but I do feel busier recently. One reason is that T (Now With Added Vigour!) has mastered the art of opening/climbing over any baby gates and fences, and has free run of the house. I seem to spend a lot of my day running after him and checking what he's up to. When K was that age, he was still generally content to stay gated in the main living area and never bothered to climb over the fences. T is different though, and loves to get into the bathroom to play with the water, head to our bedroom to pour perfume everywhere, or raid the kitchen for tomatoes or carrots to eat. We now have locks on the outside of the toilet, bathroom and sewing room doors, and an alarm on the double-locked front door...

Anyway, we had some days off and some good weather over Golden Week so, employing the Avoid-Trouble-With-Taisei-At-Home-By-Going-Out-As-Much-As-Possible technique, we had several little outings as well as fun as home.

An afternoon at the Tengu park at Daisen.

Colour sorting (with cheeky grin caused by deliberately putting blue pom-poms in the yellow circle)

At the beach at Kaga

Exploring the rockpools

On the big roller slide in a park in Sakaiminato

Measuring the wisteria at Fuji-dera.

Musical mischief on the piano.

Dressing up at Muki Banda...

...and exploring the Iron Age houses.
We also had a couple of barbecues at our place and at Lisa's, H took K to the local shrine's spring festival and I did some sewing, but more on that later....