Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Garden update

It looks like all the bulbs I planted have come up, and the snowdrops are already flowering. They've got very short stems though, so you only really notice them if you get quite close, or lie on the lawn :-)

A couple of weeks ago our resident garden supplier (aka H's dad) came round with some more additions for the garden. He's planted a small flowering cherry in the back garden, and a kyouchikutou. As always, I had no idea what that was in English, so Yahoo dictionaries came to the rescue - an oleander. I'm glad I looked it up, because I learnt that it is very poisonous...

At the front of the house we gained a rengyo on the left here (which turned out to be a forsythia - I've heard of that!), a lemon tree in the middle and a pine tree on the right.

The pine tree is nearly 40 years old and used to be kept in a pot as a bonsai. I think it's pretty cool.

In other garden news, the mass of broccoli leaves have finally started to form centres! Maybe we'll actually get something edible from them after all...

(Message to Dad - the tree that looks like a stick still looks like a stick)

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