Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Why is it that I only ever seem to get toothache after I've been to the dentist?

I had a tooth taken out last week. My jaw ached a bit afterwards but that tooth hasn't hurt at all (well, obviously, because it was taken out, but you know what I mean...). It's the tooth next to it that's the problem now. The dentist chiseled that one down a bit and made a crown for it which included a false tooth to fill the gap. For a few days it was fine, but then it started to ache.

I went back yesterday and the dentist took off the crown and poked around a bit. It hurt so much I cried. I don't mean my eyes watered a bit, I really cried; there were tears rolling down my cheeks. Honestly, that was worse than childbirth. It seems that now that the tooth has been filed down, the nerve is close to being exposed... He proposes removing the nerve (is that what they call a root canal?) and would have done it there and then yesterday but I had to go and pick up K. So I have that to look forward to on Friday morning.

Now that the temporary crown is back on it's not too bad, but it still aches. So now I'm having a cup of tea, waiting for the painkillers to kick in and preparing for another afternoon of Doing The Minimum.

(Apologies for the lack of photos lately. But really, do you want a picture of me with toothache? For that matter, do you even want to read about it??)

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