Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Summer holiday diary - part 2

August 1st: Torrential rain, not for the first time this summer.

August 2nd: T proudly shows off a puzzle he has done.

August 3rd: K having fun in Vicky's hammock. Yes, we went to Hokkaido! Just me and K...

August 4th: Yoshi and K at the Air Show in Chitose.

August 5th: One of the many tree houses at Ecorin Mura.

August 6th: I loved seeing farm buildings, fields and full-size machinery as we drove about - clearly my father's daughter!

August 7th: Riding the Portliner monorail back into central Kobe on our way home again.

August 8th: Local Daisen beer, a present from Katherine.

August 9th: Tigger and friend having fun in The World's Smallest Paddling Pool.

August 10th: H meeting a starfish at the temporary aquarium at Yumeminato Tower.

August 11th: Impromptu barbecue in the back garden after Lisa cancelled hers.

August 12th: Writing, drawing and toilet roll binoculars.

August 13th: I secretly made dinosaur eggs to hide in the garden.

August 14th: Dinosaur day! The boys hunted eggs, made a mini dino world and later did some paper craft.

August 15th: Lanterns, drumming and lots of dancing at out local festival for O-Bon.

August 16th - Another day out in Daisen. Same itinerary as before (park, museum, lake) but this time with Lisa too!

August 17th - I actually managed to make a summer dress in time for this summer!

August 18th - The new water slide, a gift from the very generous Liz. After watching the boys for a few minutes, H and I soon got changed and joined in the fun too!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Summer holiday diary - part 1

You know that I'm never going to actually catch up with all the things I want to tell you about, right? That there are so many things that slip through the cracks because the thought of sorting and editing the photos is just too much? This summer holiday has been full of things like that: days out, crafting, getting together with friends.... Each of them worthy of a photo-filled post of their own, but likely to be lost altogether instead. So with a nod to Voltaire ('don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good') I have decided to give you one photo a day throughout K's summer holidays. Here's part one:

July 20th: Vacuum cleaners small, medium and large prepare for Katherine's visit.

July 21st: K does his piano workbook while T sets about returning the Japanese room to its usual state.

July 22nd: 'A farm in England and some sheep' by K, drawn at the play centre.

July 23rd: H found a stray, late strawberry growing under the washing line.

July 24: Playing on the slide during a day out in Daisen.

July 25: 'Stained glass' art made with tissue paper and a laminator.

July 26th: K's reaction to the news of the upcoming trip to Hokkaido was to draw a map of Japan.

July 27th: A 2 year memorial service for H's grandfather, followed by a meal for all the family.

July 28th: OK, I'm cheating. This was Gaina Matsuri on the night of the 27th, with Lisa, but I have no photos of the 28th.

July 29th: Boys having fun. Ignore T's neck, it just looks weird in this photo.

July 30th: How many tiny frogs can you spot here?

July 31st: K being eaten by a T Rex at a trick art exhibition.