Monday, 1 March 2010


Do you ever feel swamped by all those jobs that build up quicker than you can deal with them? And do you then, like me, feel so overwhelmed by what has to be done that you can't even get started, even though you know that it'll just get worse if you leave it?

I've got lots of projects that Need To Be Tackled, but the worst one is photos. I'm sure we are not the only doting parents who take a ridiculous number of photos of their offspring. The great thing about digital cameras is that you can take as many pictures as you like, without worrying about film or developing. The terrible thing about digital cameras is that you can take as many pictures as you like... We always say 'oh we can delete them later', but somehow it never happens. All our photos just get put onto this laptop, to be sorted and put onto CDs later. Later.

(In case you're worried, they are all stored on an external hard drive too, in case of disaster :-D )

Anyway, my procrastination has caught up with me. The other day I couldn't edit one lone picture in Photoshop because there wasn't enough space. I have literally filled this computer with photos. Just writing that made my stomach sink! So I am going to spend 15 minutes every morning sorting photos. Every Sunday I am going to do the pictures taken that week, so that the backlog only ever shrinks. I'll do it first thing, while K is still asleep, in the Mid-Level Priority Slot - after emails and the shop, before blogs and Facebook. And I am writing about it here to allow, nay encourage, you to nag me about it.

Yes, I did it this morning.

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  1. yay, well done you, especially as we were only saying about it yesterday