Monday, 8 February 2010

What we've been up to lately...

Not a lot really.

January seemed to pass by in a haze of cold weather, dentist visits, stomach flu and working on weekends. There was a lot of Doing The Minimum and very little socialising, yoga or making stuff. Blah.

But February will be different! Last week I made a start on a lovely fluffy sock monkey for a friend's baby due in March, visited the English School boys one afternoon and took K to both the play centre and the mother and toddler group. H took a day off on Friday and we went off to Misasa for a little overnight trip (more on that later) and then last night I went along to a little party for people who helped out at Tondosan.

Today we made it to the play centre in the morning and K is now actually napping! Hurrah! All in all a good start to the month.

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