Friday, 19 February 2010

Activities with K

Last week we tried out a few new activities. Firstly I gave K a big metal bowl filled with those flat glass marbles you put in vases, and a ladle. He had great fun scooping them up and pouring them out again; the marbles made a lovely sound against the bowl and felt nice and cool to the touch, as well as being a beautiful blue colour.

Of course it soon degenerated into 'tipping the whole lot onto the floor', but that then evolved into 'putting them back into the bowl via a kitchen roll core', so all was well.

Then there was the making of the Valentine's Day card for H. I drew a heart on the front of the card and filled it in with gluestick. We tore up the red and pink bits of some old flyers and K stuck them onto the card.

It was his first go at this type of thing, and I think it went down well. When the heart was finished we got the crayons out and wrote 'messages' inside.

I also finally got around to putting together a little collection of things for dressing up. Recently K is always keen to wear big people's shoes, gloves, hats and anything else he can get his hands on. His first little dress-up was quite restrained and tasteful...

... but today he really went for it. Yes, that's a pair of H's underpants :-)

Residents of Japan, worry not! Those shoes he's wearing are the ones I used to wear when I helped out at a primary school, and have never been worn outdoors. Phew.


  1. Found you on Made by Rae :) I think that picture of your son dressed up is adorable! What a cute little mommy you are to have such fun activities with him :) Cute!!

  2. Thanks Jan! I tend to think he's rather cute too :-)