Thursday, 30 July 2009

Would you like tomatoes with that?

Last Saturday I got to play waitress. My friend Vivian's English conversation class have recently been practising 'Ordering in a restaurant' and wanted to try it out in the Real World. The class budget didn't quite stretch to a trip to an English-speaking country, so Vivian asked a very friendly cafe owner if he would be willing to let them have a go at his place. The menu was translated into English (only) and I went along to be the English-speaking waitress. It was good fun playing the role of waitress although I had to remind myself that it wasn't actually just role-playing - I really was taking their orders and I'd better get it right!

Anyway, everyone got what they wanted (or were too polite to complain) and I got a free dinner!

The title of this post though refers to our 'garden' (it still doesn't seem to warrant being called that...). Our 3 mini-tomato plants are just producing fruit like crazy and every meal in the Monkey household is now accompanied by mini-tomatoes. For the last 10 days or so we've been harvesting at least 20 a day, but eating barely half that...

No appropriate photos again, so here's something completely different - the Monkey family's shoes (aren't those little ones cute?):

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