Friday, 31 July 2009

Summer holidays - part one

This year we don't have any real holiday plans, mainly due to a combination of not wanting to spend much money and wondering how we'd go anywhere with the little monkey now that he's super-mobile. I still fancied something we could call a holiday though, so H took Tuesday and Wednesday off work and away we went...

On Tuesday morning we went to a temporary aquarium display showcasing the sea-life of New Caladonia. After looking around and watching the promotional video I have come to the conclusion that I would love to visit New Caladonia, as long as I didn't have to get too close to much of the sea-life there... Of course the tropical fish and coral were beautiful but they had an entire section of the display dedicated to dangerous stuff, not to mention the merely gross things. Winner of this category has to be the horseshoe crab, which is apparently actually more closely related to spiders and scorpions. They live in one place in Japan too, but are now very rare due I think to the destruction of their habitat and to people saying 'What the hell is that horrendous thing? Quick, kill it!'. I could show you some pretty fish pictures but no, here's that horseshoe crab:

Innocuous enough right? Wait till you see all those legs scurrying about underneath...

Anyway, K seemed to enjoy looking in the various aquariums, especially the little ones at his level:

We had a little play with some starfish in the touching pool too:

His favourite part though was crawling back and forth through a tunnel which had little roof windows so children could see the coconut crabs from close range. Some of the children seemed to think that K was part of the exhibition though: 'Mum! Mum! There's a baby in here!'

After the aquarium we went for lunch at a Japanese restaurant and then headed off to Misasa hot springs, about an hour's drive away, where we would stay overnight.

But for that you'll have to wait for the next installment...

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