Thursday, 23 July 2009

The long weekend

Monday was Marine Day, a public holiday in Japan, so we had a three day weekend. The most exciting thing we did was a trip to a play centre with R-kun and family, followed by lunch together. It was the first time we had been to that play centre and K loved the ball pool. I know we'll be going again...

Apart from that I did some sewing, some yoga and some work and I also photographed some new fabric for the shop. I've listed a couple of new things and there are lots more to come, including some really cute material suitable for making things for little boys.

We also did a bit of shopping, and bought a small lawnmower for the rapidly-growing lawn. We haven't had chance to use it yet because we've been completely water-logged. Here's how it looked on Monday afternoon:

That 'river' you can see leading away from the corner of the garden is actually the path H takes to the bus-stop every day... In this close-up you can even see the raindrops hitting the water and bouncing back up!

Even the frogs were taking to higher ground...

Unfortunately for those taking part, Monday was also the day of the Kaike Triathalon, held here in Yonago. Kaike claims to be the home of Japanese triathalon as it was the first one ever held in Japan, 29 years ago. Athletes swim 3 km in the sea, then cycle 145 km (basically up and down a mountain) and then run a full marathon (over 42 km). On Monday rain stopped play while a lot of competitors were still running the marathon, and buses were sent out to pick them up. How frustrating that must have been, to have got that far and then have to give up....
O-tsukare-sama deshita!

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