Friday, 24 July 2009

Bring on Bonnie Tyler

On Wednesday we had not a Total Eclipse of the Heart but a Partial Eclipse of the Sun. As it was quite cloudy and overcast we were able to look, briefly, directly at the sun.

No, that's not the moon, it's the sun. Pretty cool eh?

While I was busy photographing the sun, K was exploring the playground at the play centre.

Are you suprised to hear that he ended up sitting in all that muddy water, trying to eat the sand?

The play centre is attached to a city-run day-care so we share the playground and sometimes we can join in with some of their activities. Until now K has seemed a bit shy of the 'big' boys and girls but this time he was really keen to play near them and do what they were doing. They were really sweet too and kept patting K on the head and saying how cute he was.

After all that excitement it was time to come home and pull photo albums out of cupboards...

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