Friday, 10 July 2009

Exciting shop news!

Today I had my first sale on Etsy! Yeah!

The pretty sakura (cherry blossom) print fabric which I used to make my Etsy banner and avatar is now winging its way to a lovely lady in France. I hope she likes it and that more people follow her lead....

I've actually just got some more fabric to go in the shop so I'll be adding it little by little over the next week or 2. Pop in if you have time!


  1. Yeah! :-) Well done on the sale! :-)

  2. Well done, big oak trees grow from little acorns. Hope the sales keep coming in.
    Can I order 2 sock monkeys for the twins please

  3. Thank you, both if you!

    You can indeed have 2 sock monkeys.... I'll email you about it later.