Sunday, 19 July 2009


Our so-called 'vegetable garden' consists of half a dozen caterpillar-infested cabbages which a neighbour gave us, 3 mini-tomato plants and 1 aubergine/egg-plant. The plants we bought cost a very budget-friendly 30 yen each, making a grand total for the garden of 120 yen (plus a bit for some manure).

Our input into the garden has been similarly minimal. We planted the plants, and we keep them well-watered. And that's about it - gardeners, please look away now. We have not done all those things that you are apparently supposed to do to tomatoes, such as cut off extra branches or feed them (aren't they supposed to feed us?). We did put in some little stakes to support them but they were much too short and the wind soon blew the plants over anyway.

But you know what? The tomato plants don't seem to mind at all. Despite the fact that they are growing virtually horizontally (some branches have even developed roots...), there are masses of tomatoes growing and loads of flowers too. We've harvested about 50 tomatoes (tiny ones, remember) so far, so we've already had out money's worth about 6 times over.

Yesterday we had our first aubergine too, with more on the way...

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