Tuesday, 12 May 2009

To do, doing, done!

Now that Golden Week is well and truly over, I thought I'd better look back at that list of things I was going to do....

Perhaps not surprisingly, all the planned socialising was done, and more (as written about here). The chair was put together, the clock put up, and H's birthday present and cake made. On Saturday before yoga I finally got out the stamp-making kit and made a little practice stamp - a nice little strawberry that didn't turn out too badly. The latest monkey-related project hasn't been finished yet, but I do have all month for that. On the other hand, I got to spend more time with friends than I had expected, went to the cinema to see Gran Turino and generally had a nice relaxing week, with H doing most of the cooking...

But of course, it's easy to do a list of fun things. I know what you're all wondering really - did she do any gardening? Well, with the help of Katherine, H and I completed Phase 1 of Operation Back Garden - it has been weeded and turf has been ordered! And here's the proof:

Well, OK, there is a little patch there in the middle that still needs doing. I was going to do it this afternoon but it's raining. And of course, a garden of bare earth is hardly something to be proud of but it's definitely An Improvement. And I wanted to get a picture up while the azaeleas were still flowering.

(end of excuses...)

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