Saturday, 30 May 2009

A busy week

I can't believe it's Saturday already, especially as I still haven't written a post about last Saturday's day out yet! Hopefully I'll get that done this weekend.

The week has whizzed by with all the usual stuff, plus a few extras - the non-cancelled teacher training workshop yesterday and K's first full day at day care on Tuesday. Unlike Monday afternoons, he didn't cry when I dropped him off in the morning and was still fine, if sleepy, when I picked him up at 5. The staff wrote a little report for me, telling me what he ate, when he napped, the contents of his nappies and what he got up to during the day. Apparently he played happily, looked at lots of books, played outside in the sandpit and enjoyed riding on a rocking-dolphin!

While K was at day care I tried to do lots of things that I find hard when he is around - had a haircut, went fabric shopping, had a nice peaceful lunch and did a bit of sewing. I'm working on my contribution for the monkey swap but I still haven't finished it. Another thing to get done this weekend...

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