Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Incredible Eating Machine

or What K Ate Yesterday

I'm always amazed at how much food that little boy is able to eat. He weighs about a fifth of what I do, but he eats well over half of what I do.

So, just to compare, here's what we both ate yesterday. First, breakfast. K had porridge with stewed apple and yoghurt, and a banana. I had a bowl of cereal:

K ate all his, plus a few flakes from my bowl...
Mid-morning K had a kiwi fruit, but I didn't take a photo.
You know what a kiwi fruit looks like.
I had nothing :-(

At lunchtime, K had potato cakes containing mince, pumpkin and spinach, with some turnip, broad beans and mini-tomatoes. A few beans and bits of turnip were left over, but on the other hand he had one more potato cake than in the photo. I had a couple of pieces of pizza from the bakery:

Hey, I was hungry by then! I had to have those few bites to gain a bit of energy for the photography! There was a croissant too, which didn't make it to the photo...

Mid-afternoon I had a chocolate roll (from the bakery. Can you guess where we went yesterday morning?) and K had a raisin roll. Nothing was left over, by either of us...

Dinner time! First, mine, to prove that I don't survive solely on items from the bakery: a big salad containing lettuce, tomato, beansprouts, fried aubergine and onion, and a bowl of rice topped with chicken, egg, onion and peas.

K had the same, with the aubergine separate and the rice made into little seaweed rolls to make it easier to handle. He didn't eat the lettuce, some of the beansprouts and the last 2 rice rolls:

So there we have it. K will eat pretty much anything, as long as he's left to eat it himself with his fingers. The only thing he'll still let me spoonfeed him is porridge.

On the other hand, he won't drink milk. Up until his birthday, he was a big fan of the bottle but then one day he just refused it. We've tried all kinds of variations: formula/cow's milk, warm/room temperature/straight from the fridge, bottle/sippy cup/straw, blended with banana, at various times of the day..... no luck. He's still breast-feeding at bedtime but, apart from that, he only drinks water. Any suggestions?

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