Thursday, 21 May 2009

Lovely weather for ducks

Today was one day this week that I was out all day, so of course Mr A planted his rice and I missed it. So no photos of his little tractor in action again, sorry.

It was a bit rainy and overcast when I took this picture but if you look carefully you can see the rice seedlings just peeping out of the water, and a duck. The flooded rice fields attract lots of ducks here, and millions of frogs. Every night the sound of the frogs is unbelievably loud, even indoors behind double-glazing!

Luckily I did spot some rice seedlings the other day, grown in little polytunnels and awaiting planting into the rice fields. You'll just have to imagine the actual planting...


  1. What a shame you missed the planting of the rice, we guess he uses the same tractor as for the working of the ground. How do the frogs know its time to come back to the rice fields? Do they spend winter somewhere else?

  2. Good questions about frogs. I had no idea of course, so I asked H...
    He said they spend the winter buried in the mud of the rice fields. I suppose they sense when the fields are flooded and come out then.
    As well as frogs and wild ducks, there are lots of herons and ibises out there now - tempted by the frogs I think!