Friday, 1 May 2009

Self-assembly required

Just in case you thought that the arrival of the DS would mean the early demise of the to-do list, here's what I did last night:

Oh ye of little faith.

(Of course, I haven't actually got any software for the DS yet. And I need somewhere comfortable to sit while I'm playing, right?)

Actually the chair is destined for K's room, as part of Project Move K To His Own Room. At the moment his cot is still next to our bed but I think it's about time to move him out now. He usually sleeps through the night (am I tempting fate here?) and goes to sleep quite quickly as long as someone stays in the room with him for a little while. Hence the chair...


  1. Hey there! I followed you from Vicky's blog!!!! I heard this chair is comfortable as it is stylish.

  2. Hi! I recognise your name from Vicky's blog. You've made my day today - my first comment!

    I'd wanted one of these chairs for ages. The Ikea ones are better I think, but this was the only one available out here in the sticks. It is pretty comfy, and I love the way it rocks/bounces a bit.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment!