Monday, 11 May 2009

Happy Birthday H!

Yesterday was a day for celebration here at the Monkey household: H's birthday, and Mothers' Day too. I made thick, American-style pancakes for breakfast (well, H's breakfast. More like early elevenses for me and K) and we swapped presents. I gave H a book cover (which I had made) and a bookmark (which I hadn't) and he gave me a game for the DS! Don't expect anything too constructive from me for a while now...

Manly denim on the outside. Cute little animals on the inside :-)

All 3 of us went out for a nice lunch and later in the afternoon we had birthday cake.

Do you think H might be getting too old for a cake with candles? No, of course not. A couple of years ago I bought a birthday cake at a cake shop and the woman on the till asked me if I wanted candles for it. When I said yes please, she asked me how many....
Oh, well, it's not for a child (embarrassed smile)...
That's OK, how many would you like?
.....35 please... (blush)

So, hope you had a good day H, and that all you mums celebrating yesterday had a good day too!

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