Thursday, 14 May 2009


Everybody needs good neighbours! (Have I got you humming the theme tune yet?)

Spending time in the garden (=weeding) has proven to be a good way to interact with our neighbours. The old lady from next door has hopped over the wall several times (it's a small wall) to offer the use of tools, entertain K in his pushchair and repremand me for not wearing a hat. Yesterday the old man from next door on the other side gave us some young cabbage plants to put in the vegetable patch. This brings the total contents of the vegetable patch to asparagus, which has yet to come up, and cabbages...

Finally, the old man from 2 doors down whisked H away yesterday and sent him back with a big box of strawberries. I think he wins Neighbour Of The Week in my book.


  1. Are you going to freeze the strawberries on baking trays like mother used to?

  2. No, we're just eating them as they are, K loves them. But I did actually consider it...
    (Thanks for commenting!)