Tuesday, 26 January 2010

This and that

Firstly, the Internet crisis has been averted, and the shop is open for business as usual.

Secondly, I had a tooth out at the dentist today. I had a reprieve last week when I wasn't well, but today there was no escape. It wasn't actually too bad; at least, not until the anaesthetic wore off...

What with all that snow and cold weather we had, followed by the dreaded lurgy, there's been a lot of hanging around at home going on here lately, so last weekend we tried to get out and about a bit. There was a brief trip to the park (until the cold drove us indoors), a visit to Jusco shopping centre (which was actually a lot more fun that you might imagine, mainly because we had plenty of time and nothing we had to buy) and lots of meals out. Even a visit to the Mitsubishi dealership turned out to be rather fun as they had a nice little play corner which K and I had all to ourselves.

We also went to the photographers and had some pictures taken of K, as H had got some discount coupons. In the past I've resisted the costumes they have there for the little ones, arguing that I want photos that realistically capture K as he is now, including what he usually wears. But this time, well, why not? So we've got some lovely little cowboy pictures coming our way soon...

The weekend finished with an impromptu visit from Tim and Zach and some kite-flying in the back garden. K enjoyed watching the kites, until one crashed down quite near him that is...

And these pictures? Taken a couple of weeks ago when out for a walk with Daddy. Just thought you might like them :-)

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