Wednesday, 13 January 2010


...or the lack of.

Yesterday was Tuesday, which means that K was at day-care from 9 to 5. The only commitments I had were one class, a dentist appointment and a bit of lesson planning. So, what did I do with the rest of that valuable day? Update my shop? Sort out photos? Tackle the awful junk-heap known as the utility room? Start some new sewing projects?

Or did I fritter it all away reading other peoples' blog archives?

You decide...

Today is not much better. Once I get into this 'can't be bothered' mood, it's hard to get out of it... K and I have been at home all day since it's bitterly cold and somewhat snowy, and there's nowhere we have to go. He is now upstairs 'resting' (not actually asleep I think). The only productive thing I have done so far is a bit of shop tweaking, including the introduction of a discount for orders of 4 fat quarters or more. Why not check it out?

And now I'll go and do something useful. Or I might just spend some time fretting about how much it'll snow tonight and whether I'll be able to drive to work tomorrow...

Oh, and next week at the dentist I have to have a tooth out. Fantastic.


  1. I get days (weeks!) like that and sometimes it's just better to go with it. It sounds like you are conserving your energy for next week's tooth extraction so let things slide a bit till that's out of the way!

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks Vicky! It's nice to be told that it's OK to be lazy sometimes... I really do need to get on with sorting out photos on the computer though, as I keep getting little messages saying the memory is almost full! Eeek.