Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snowy days

As I wrote in the last post, it was quite a snowy New Year here. We had strong winds and snow overnight on the 30th and throughout the day on New Year's Eve. During a lull in the weather we took K outside for his first proper play in the snow. It was lovely and powdery, perfect for throwing around, and dry enough to sit down in without getting all soggy...

After more wind and snow though the night, New Year's Day was still and peaceful, if grey and cold!

I love the way that the wind left the snow on the sides of the trees and torii (shrine gate), rather than on the top.

January 2nd was bright and sunny, and the snow quickly began to melt. There was still time to get out and play in it again though...

...and build a rather lopsided snowman.

K has been keeping an eye on him from the living room for the last few days...

...but I'm sad to report that he is now just a couple of green sticks lying on the grass.


  1. hello Diane!
    Happy New Year and nice to meet you :)
    I'm fascinated about Japan and it is so interesting to read about everyday things happening there.... Your boy is so sweet :)
    kind regards from Germany

  2. Hi Diane
    The snow seems to have moved to this side of the world now, we have had about 6" and its freezing again tonight with more snow forcast at the weekend and its cold northeast winds, down to -6 tonight and high of 3 tomorrow.Looks like you got some sunshine.
    Love Mum