Saturday, 9 January 2010

Christmas present sewing

In the run-up to Christmas I mentioned that I had been doing some secret present-sewing. I can now safely reveal that I had been making zippered box pouches! It started out as 'Oh, I'll make a pouch for Chieko'. Then it was 'Oh, and for everyone who'll be joining us on Christmas Day'. And then 'Oh, and so-and-so might like one!' and 'How about so-and-so?' and, well, you get the idea. You could say I got a bit carried away...

In the end I made 8, but gave away 7. The first one (charitably termed a 'test run' by H) failed quality control checks, and will be my new make-up pouch :-)

They were all made from super-cute printed fabric and lined with co-ordinating plain cotton. It was fun picking out the fabrics for each person. I interfaced all the pieces to give them a nice degree of sturdiness, and made them big enough to hold mascara comfortably...

For a while there I was seeing zippered pouches in my sleep but, now that that has passed, I might make a few to go in the shop. What do you think?

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