Friday, 8 January 2010


Original plan for today: maybe take K to the play centre or the park, do a bit of grocery shopping, update my Etsy shop and sort out photos while K has a nap, pick up H from work and go computer (window) shopping.

Unforseen circumstances: K waking up at 1.30 and crying for hours (apart from the time he was switching on all the lights in our bedroom...), until I gave up and sat him in front of a DVD from 5am till breakfast time. Total sleep time overnight for me, about 2.5 hours. Add to getting up at 5.30 yesterday to see if the latest snow was settling and whether I should take the train to work. It was and I did, leaving home an hour earlier than usual.

Amended plan for today: stay at home, eat oddments from the back of the fridge and do as little as possible.

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