Thursday, 21 January 2010

Did you miss me?

Just as I was regaining a bit of enthusiasm for doing things, I got knocked out by a stomach bug... It hit in the early hours of Sunday morning; unfortunately, the day I was supposed to be doing 120+ 'interview tests', in a city a 2 hour train-ride away. This led to me frantically phoning round at 7am (not surprisingly, not many people were answering) trying to find a) the mobile number of the woman I was supposed to be working with and b) someone who could take my place. I felt really bad about letting them down (as well as just really bad) and I'm not sure if I felt more or less sympathy for them when they called me at 10am to say they still hadn't found anyone and was I feeling better enough to just come for the afternoon?

In the end I spent all day Sunday in bed, and on Monday went to the doctor for a 2 hour drip to try to make up for everything I hadn't eaten. H joined me at the doctors since by then he'd got it too. Tuesday and Wednesday passed in a state of Doing The Absolute Minimum, and today I almost feel back to normal.

And what about K? Well it seems he had it first and we barely noticed. Last Thursday when H's mum was looking after him he was sick after breakfast. He didn't eat his lunch but he carried on playing and running around as usual and by the time I came home I wouldn't have known anything had happened. Once again he turns out to be the toughest and healthiest member of the monkey household :-)

One silver lining to all this is that I got the chance to watch some of the DVDs I had for Christmas; all of the BBC's Jane Eyre, the first few episodes of Mistresses and, possibly best of all, The Best of The Two Ronnies. Classic stuff...

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