Friday, 15 January 2010

Don't try this at home!

Seeing as I'll be working all day tomorrow and Sunday and therefore missing yoga this week, I thought I'd do some yoga at home this afternoon. Don't the parenting books always say that your little one will love to watch you work out and will probably join in, making a wonderful parent-child activity?

Well, I think I've invented a new, more challenging style of yoga - Toddler Yoga. It entails doing your usual yoga routine while accompanied by a small child who wants to get involved. Not simply by copying you of course, but by becoming part of the actual pose. Today's examples include Tree Pose With Toddler Climbing Your Supporting Leg (great for balance!), and Lying On Your Back Pulling Your Knee To Your Chest With Toddler Standing on Your Chest Stretch (I think that one needs a snappier name if it's really going to take off...).

Today's yoga was cut short when K invented his own new pose, Toppling Rocking Horse, but not before I attempted a little savasana (the corpse pose, lying on your back in relaxation). At first, K used my prone body as a table for his toys, but then he toddled off and came back with a blanket. He then lay down on top of me and covered us both up with the blanket. Relaxing? Not really. Super sweet? Oh yes.

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