Thursday, 9 September 2010

We're back!

Well, we've been back for a week now actually, but I am only now emerging from my haze of jet-lag, travel tiredness and heat-induced laziness. It was quite a shock to the system, coming back to the summer heat and humidity here. I've just been hiding away in the air-conditioned living room for a week...

I had a great time in the UK though. It was lovely to visit family and friends, and to stay with Mum and Dad and be generally spoilt for a month! No cooking or housework to do, and all-you-can-eat bacon sandwiches; what more could I ask for? We did do some touristy things too, especially when H was there, and I will be blogging about that another day - probably....

K had great fun with his Gran and Grandad, and his talking has really developed. Just today he was telling me some (largely unintelligible) story about 'Gran and Grandad's house'. Unfortunately while we were away he also developed the habit of waking at 3am and shouting for Mummy. He has brought that little gem home with him and, while Gran was a good substitute, it seems that Daddy just won't do. Yet another reason for my laziness, and for why K and I have been struggling to get up by 9 every day this week! Last night though, he slept through, so keep your fingers crossed!

********* In other news, I have reopened the shop. I have lots of new things to list too, but that's been put on hold until I get the camera back from the repair shop :-( Watch this space! *********


  1. Welcome back, monkey magic! Have missed you and your blogs :-)


  2. Welcome home! I'm sure your batteries have been re-charged and you're ready for another year of life in Japan. (And we all know just what that entails!) Looking forward to seeing new goodies in your shop and on your blog.