Thursday, 16 September 2010

Ridiculous places I have fainted...

At a Plymouth department store (I think that one may have been an almost fainted)
During a Home Economics class
At the Witches Museum in Boscastle (and no, I wasn't scared...)
At Donna's house, just after putting down a kettle of boiling water
During a speech by the Minister of Education at a flash hotel in Tokyo - while seated
While teaching an English class at Yonago Kosen

And now, at the entrance to Giardinos restaurant. Doh. I was then helped inside and slumped on the lovely cool tiled floor for a while, making it rather difficult for people to come in. Sorry.

I never seem to faint in the comfort of my own home. No, always somewhere designed for maximum embarrassment and potential injury. I'm sure I've missed some from the list too, so do remind me if you know of others...


  1. On the first day of Uni, so then always known as the "girl who fainted".

  2. Thanks for chipping in sis! That one's not true though...

    Not the first day of Uni, but the first day of the JET Programme (the Minister of Education one above). That did indeed lead to me being known as 'the girl who fainted' for a while...