Wednesday, 22 September 2010


K loves trains. We had lots of fun in the UK riding on various trains, which I will write about here at some point, honestly... He also enjoyed playing with the train set Mum found for him.

Back in April we bought K a nice wooden train set which has a figure 8 layout:

At that time he was happy to play with it as it was, or just demolish it for the fun of it. Now though, he wants to make his own layouts and keeps asking for 'more pieces!' when he can't join the ends of the track. Last week I finally got 'more pieces' for him, including some points so that we could make some fun intersecting routes.

At first I made this layout; it was surprising difficult to get it all to connect together while using as many pieces as possible and incorporating the bridge/tunnel feature...

K played happily with it until he spotted the 3 or 4 pieces that I hadn't used, and then there was uproar! All pieces of track must be used! And so my lovingly created layout was destroyed and K came up with this instead:

Lovely as these wooden tracks are, they are also rather expensive. As always, H has the solution and has been trawling Internet auctions for second-hand originals and cheaper, compatible knock-offs. Two deliveries arrived today and we will hide them away for the time being, ready for the next call for 'more pieces!'...

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  1. On cold or wet days I'd often take Ken-chan to the Sakai-sen, ride a bit up toward Sakaiminato, then come back. He always loved it.