Saturday, 18 September 2010

K's blanket

My Mum knitted this blanket for K. Isn't it great? Every square is different, in colour and texture. As well as all the different knitting stitches, she embroidered various shapes and the letters of K's name onto squares too. There's even an appliqued Japanese flag and a St Piran's flag - the patron saint of Cornwall, in the unlikely event that you don't know it ;-)

While we were in the UK, K used the blanket on his bed every night. Our excessive shopping meant we couldn't fit it in our suitcase, but Mum kindly posted it to us and it arrived a few days ago. K opened the parcel and cried out 'K's blanket! Gran and Grandad's house!', before pulling it down onto the ground, wrapping himself up in it and announcing 'Night-night'. I think it's fair to say that he was pleased to see it.

It's still very warm here so we don't actually need the blanket at night yet. Instead it's draped over the sofa for the time being, earning well-deserved compliments from visitors and being enjoyed by K.

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  1. What a gorgeous blanket! Your mother knits beautifully. I know K will treasure it and hand it down to his first-born someday. Aren't handmade heirlooms wonderful? :-)