Friday, 24 September 2010

From our meteorological correspondent

As I may have already mentioned, this summer has been very hot, and very long. Luckily I escaped the worst of it by heading to the UK, but many parts of Japan recorded their hottest summer since records began and here in Yonago temperatures of 36 or 37 degrees became daily events in mid-August. Usually by mid-September it is much more comfortable but this year we were still using the air conditioning until a couple of days ago, with temperatures still hitting 30 degrees.

Now the temperature has suddenly dropped and it's almost cold. The last couple of days have been cloudy and blustery, with quite strong winds and occasional rain. While the temperatures have still been reaching 26 or 27 in the middle of the day, it's been about 10 degrees cooler at night and the forecast for tomorrow has a high of just 22. If you're in the UK that probably sounds positively balmy but with chilly winds and compared to what we have been having, it's definitely autumnal. Instead of switching on the air conditioning, we're closing the windows at night to stay warm, and digging out long-sleeved tops and warm pyjamas; which suits me just fine...

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