Wednesday, 17 June 2009

These are a few of his favourite things...

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I wanted to create a record of K as he grows. Everyone says how quickly you forget all the little baby and toddler things and I have a particularly bad memory so I started a notebook when K was born. Lately though I've been very slack at writing in it, so I'm going digital instead. Of course this probably won't be very interesting for most of you (and my other posts are??) so please feel free to skip over it (unless you are a grandparent or doting aunt, in which case you are expected to read Every Last Word).

Today's topic - K's favourite things (at 15 months old).

He continues to love to play with books and he enjoys being read to more now. Previously he just wanted to turn the pages as quickly as possible but now he'll sit quietly through the whole of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. At bedtime and before K's nap I read a couple of stories to him, which he picks out himself. His favourites are definitely 'Cuddle', 'Little Rabbit Waits For The Moon' and 'Time For Bed Snow Bear'. All 3 of these were presents from Cynthia - good choices Cynthia!

K really likes this car-slider toy nowadays, now that he can confidently set the cars going by himself and adjust them if they get stuck.

Kneeling on the table to play with it is just an added bonus.

Shape-sorters are also high on the list. We have 2 great shape-sorters that Mum had kept from when sis and I were little. And guess what? They're both still being made and seem to have become classics. K can now do this one easily and so he's now moving on to this one. It's still too hard for him really (and he can't open it himself yet) but he can put a couple of pieces inside.

However, toys in general are now losing out to his new-found ability to open doors and explore all over the house! We need more baby gates...

Other favourite things include: eating (pretty much anything), pressing buttons (he called a lift today and looked very proud of himself), anything involving music, riding in the car, going out in general, climbing on the sofa and then up onto the unit next to the sofa (followed by cheeky grins, laughter and rapid retreats when I tell him to get down), opening and closing windows, playing on the little slide at play group and making prank calls on my mobile...

Finally another picture, just cos it's cute. Sorry it's blurry - he moves fast.

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