Tuesday, 2 June 2009

How was your weekend?

We had a nice relaxing couple of days. On Saturday morning we took K to the park, to play on the rocking-animals and swings and look at the monkeys.

After that we went to get sushi for lunch. Recently several new, cheap revolving sushi restaurants have opened up in town. I think they are trying to get away from the traditional image of sushi restaurants as expensive and somewhat intimidating. These restaurants are cheap and very family friendly - high chairs, baby spoons and forks, plenty of space for pushchairs, nappy-changing facilities... The menu also reflects this appeal to families. As well as traditional sushi there is a lot on offer which doesn't use raw fish (hamburger sushi anyone? No, really!) and a lot of stuff that is just not sushi at all - fried chicken, savoury egg custard, chocolate cake. If you want something that you haven't spotted on the conveyor belt, you can order it using the touch screen found at each table. Your order arrives by shinkansen (bullet train) on an express lane above the main conveyor belt!

On Sunday morning we went to a craft fair in town. I've always liked going to craft fairs in the UK but I had never seen that kind of thing here. I had actually been idly thinking about trying to organise one and even had a venue in mind. Then at the hairdressers the other day I saw a flyer for a craft fair at the very place I had been thinking about! Ah, beaten to it. Still, it was nice to go and have a wander around and I did pick up some info about renting the place while I was there, just in case...

Apart from all that I went to yoga, H had a nap, we had a nice Skype chat with Mum and Dad with the unexpected bonus of Karen and Liz being there, and very little cooking or housework was done. Perfect! I also managed to finish off the things I was making for the secret monkey swap. The person getting them doesn't know yet that they will be coming from me, so the chance of that person seeing this is incredibly small but hey, I'll make you wait anyway. I should be sending it all off tomorrow and so when I think she has probably received it I will put some pictures up here. Hope she likes it!

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