Monday, 8 June 2009

Do you know about Etsy?

The other day I told you I had a Top Secret Project in the works. So here it is...

I have opened an online shop! I've only just started it so there aren't many things in it yet, but I plan to add lots more things, little and often, over the next few weeks. I'm selling Japanese fabric and craft supplies, stationery and so on.

My shop is part of the Etsy website. Do you know it? It's an online marketplace for people to buy and sell handmade goods and supplies. I could spend hours just browsing there...

It took me ages to think of a name for my shop; I wanted something that would suggest Japan and cuteness, that would be easy to remember and spell but that was unique. I also had to try and find something that wasn't already being used by one of the millions of Etsy users! So what did I come up with? You'll have to go over to the shop to find out :-)

If you visit the shop, please do leave a comment here telling me what you think. Thanks!

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