Thursday, 11 June 2009

Monkey news!

I've just heard that Strawberry Monkey has safely arrived at her new home, with Katharine at Woolly Wotnots. It seems that she travelled well and she now seems to be settling in and making herself at home! Katharine makes the cutest little knitted collectables and sells them on Etsy and Folksy. I'm particularly keen on the latest addition, Bert the Monkey...

Throughout the monkey swap I've been concentrating on getting my things sent, and hoping that Katharine would like them. It's only recently that I've really realised - hey, I have a surprise parcel coming in the post! I'm sure it'll be here any day now, and I'm really quite excited!

If you're interested in seeing what everyone else has been receiving in the swap, you can check out the Flickr group which Claire set up. Truly Monkey Magic!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you very much again and thank you for mentioning my shop! :-) I'm sure your surprise is not far away. I'm tagging you in 'six things you love'.... Looking forward to hearing what your favourites are! :-)