Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Rainy season

In early June we had quite a long run of cloudy, rainy days before the weather changed to hot, bright sunshine about 10 days ago. That was also just about the time that the 'official' start of the rainy season was declared... Refusing to bow to authority, the weather just raised its game even more by moving into full-on summer mode - since last Thursday it's been very humid with temperatures reaching 30 degrees. Late Sunday night though, the rains came. Through the night we had torrential rain accompanied by thunder and lightning. Yesterday it rained heavily on and off throughout the day, and today... we're back to hot and humid. A one-day rainy season?

Our Japanese garden has a 'dry river' of gravel which turns into a real, most definitely wet, river when we have heavy rain.

All this humidity and rain makes a lovely environment for mould - bread keeps for only a couple of days now, and we have to put moisture-absorbing thingys in the cupboards to prevent our shoes growing a blue fuzz. When it's actually raining though it feels so refreshing, and all the trees and plants in the garden look wonderful.

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