Friday, 15 February 2013

Toddler T

In just over a month, T will be 2. Although he sometimes refers to himself as 'baby', lately he's been making it clear that he's A Big Boy Now. The biggest change is the end of nap-time. Up until the beginning of last week he would settle down for a nap without complaint. Last Monday, however, he stood up and cried when I put him in his cot. I left the room anyway, thinking he'd probably soon give up and settle down but, instead, he took off all his clothes and did a wee in his bed... For the next 3 days, exactly the same thing happened. On the 5th day, I admitted defeat and didn't even bother trying to put him to bed; you can put a toddler to bed, but you can't make him sleep. He's also tried the deliberate wee-ing weapon as a way to watch more TV, but I managed to hold out on that one.
T has also decided that he's too big for the push-chair now, and that he should walk everywhere. He is particularly adamant that he should walk to K's kindergarten every morning and afternoon. It's not far, maybe 400m or so, but that's a total of nearly 2km a day which does sound like quite a bit when you're not even 2 years old! I'd hoped that the extra walking might prompt a few naps, but no such luck. He does at least actually complete the walks himself, without wanting to be carried, but it can take a Very. Long. Time. There are an awful lot of interesting stones between here and the kindergarten.
Other Big Boy activities are mainly along the 'Anything K Can Do, I Can Do Better' line. He will copy K quicker than I can say 'Don't do that K, T will copy you'... As well as naughtiness though, he does copy more positive behaviours too. He likes to 'read' books aloud, is working hard on dressing himself, has gained his Jigsaw Proficiency Badge and looks to soon overtake K in chopstick handling...

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