Monday, 4 February 2013

Listmania 3

This week's prompt was 'Crushes: Then and Now'. Hmm. To be honest, most of my crushes have been on people I actually know, rather than actors or singers, but I will certainly not be listing any of those here. Celebrity ones are embarrassing enough. So, for your amusement...

An early one - Morten Harket of A-ha. Actually, he's still looking good now...

Later, we move on to X-Files era David Duchovny...

...and Goran Visnjic, aka Luka from ER.

Nowadays? I don't know really. Not very original, but maybe Johnny Depp, who didn't interest me in the past, but who I've come to like (and admire as an actor) more and more in recent years.

And now H is commenting and teasing me by suggesting Nicholas Cage. Oh, I can't stand him. He just really gives me the creeps...

So, pop over to Debra's blog to see who else is listing their crushes, past and present, and maybe add yours too!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, I have to admit that actually most of those 'then' crushes still hold true now... I rather enjoyed finding the photos.

  2. Oh Morten yes, I still remember my first ever concert, where I couldn't hear the music for the girls screaming for A-ha! With you on Johnny Depp, especially as the years have gone on too!

    1. You went to their *concert*?! Wow, I am in awe...

  3. I to loved ER, then got hooked on Grays Anatomy, so many pretty people xxx Rae

  4. Jon Moss from Culture Club was my first big crush. Big of a shock to find he was Boy George's big crush for many years, too! But I can hardly blame BG, ad Jon really was (and still is) gorgeous.