Thursday, 21 February 2013


Last week I didn't get around to posting for Listmania, and this week I'm rather behind too. We were invited to take photos throughout the day and present 'A Day in the Life'. I'm not sure that my daily life is terribly visually interesting. Actually, it's probably not very interesting in words either, but anyway, here we are.

6:45 Breakfast and blog-browsing in peace, while everyone else sleeps.

7:45 Breakfast for boys, while I get things ready for the day.

8:45 T, supposedly getting ready to leave the house...

10:00 After taking K to school, T and I stop at the supermarket for a few things.

10:45 H's mum comes over to take care of T while I teach a class at our local community centre.

12:30 Home again, and a quick lunch.

1:30 T's passion for Maisy continues, as does his lack of napping.

2:30 Time to go and pick up K. T now insists on walking there and back...

3:00 Home again, record speed for T!

4:00 After snack-time, out come the crayons and old calendar paper.

4:45 Along with Maisy, The Gruffalo is pretty popular here nowadays. After reading it together, I printed off a few colouring sheets, mazes and so on.

5:30 Time to make dinner. Here's what was in our Yoshikei box today.

6:15 I should definitely have put that piece of fish on a smaller plate... It was a much better meal than it looks here!
After that, but not photographed, I went to yoga, leaving H to put the boys to bed. Once I got home again there was just enough time for a bath, a cup of tea and some Internet browsing before going to bed just before 11.

Hmm, it seems that I have presented a day in T's life as much as a day in mine. Oh well, that is at least accurate I suppose, if not very exciting. I'm sure you'll find some much more interesting stories over at Listmania central, Home Life Simplified. Now to get my thinking cap on for next week's list!

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  1. I love your day - thanks for sharing. My kids love Maisy too!!