Monday, 4 October 2010

The Big Boy's Bed

K's Big Boy's Bed was delivered last Thursday and K was Very Excited. He watched the men put it together and then helped me to make it up. I bought the duvet cover and pillow case while we were in the UK and hid them away until now, apart from making the pillow case smaller to fit Japanese pillows.*

So here is his room now, taken from the doorway:

And if you stand where K is in that shot and look back to the other corner, it looks like this:

And a little boy who has just got a new bed and construction-vehicle bedding looks like this:

Even now he's still really excited to go to bed each night, and likes to point out 'digger!' 'tractor!' 'Muck!' (that's 'bulldozer' to those of you who don't speak Bob The Builder). Unfortunately though, the enthusiasm for the Big Bed has not diminished the need for Mummy to lie with him till he falls asleep, nor has it cured the waking at 4am and shouting for Mummy either... Lately I'm so sleepy that I often end up falling asleep first. The other night I slept in K's bed from 8.30 till 10, when H came and woke me up. Then I came downstairs and fell asleep on the sofa. This time H left me to it and I slept until K shouted for me at 4, when I went back to his bed. Slept there till 6 and then finally moved to my own bed for an hour, before K woke at 7 and the day began...

*That was my first use of the sewing machine since this happened, and I'll sure you'll be relieved to know that it seems to be fine, although I had great problems getting that cover on again...

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