Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Magic Box

Although I have a lap-top I don't have wireless Internet at home, so the computer always stays in one spot. Unfortunately it's a spot which K has access to, so I can't use it without him climbing onto my lap, pressing random buttons, playing with the mouse and prising off the keys... Now that he doesn't sleep in the daytime and demands that I stay with him until he falls asleep at night, free time to use the computer in peace has become more difficult to find.

Enter H, answer to all technological problems, and The Magic Box! The main box plugs into the LAN socket and into a normal electric socket. Then I plug another little box into my computer and any electric socket in the house, and by the powers of, well, magic, I'm connected to the Internet!

At the moment I've got the lap-top in the kitchen, so I can still keep an eye on K. I can easily check my e-mail (and blogs...) anytime, check a recipe, read the news, google anything that comes to mind and, best of all, listen to the radio. H may soon come to regret his wonderful idea, as I am playing Absolute Radio non-stop. I'd forgotten how much I love listening to the radio. That feeling when a great song you haven't heard in ages comes on is fantastic. If you don't know it, Absolute Radio is the radio station formerly known as Virgin and may well appeal to you if you're a 30-something Brit. And even if you're not.

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