Thursday, 28 October 2010


It suddenly seems to have become winter here. Up until a few days ago it was generally warm and sunny, with temperatures around 20 degrees. For the last three days though it has been cold, cold, cold... Highs of 11 or 12 degrees, cloudy, rainy and windy to boot. It's just so gloomy and wintry; it didn't seemed to get fully light at all today.

Everyone seems to have been caught out by this sudden change in weather. On Tuesday at the petrol station there were several people waiting to buy kerosene for their heaters. We're all hunting around for winter clothes and thicker duvets. I've been wearing one-layer, light-weight tops (even short-sleeved ones) lately but yesterday I was looking for my coat, and even gloves, to add to the three layers I was already wearing...

In Hokkaido the first snow of the season has already fallen but, around here, this is unseasonably bad. We really are entitled to a bit more autumn before winter sets in I think, especially since super-hot summer lasted till the end of September this year! Autumn is my favourite season in Japan - a one month version is just not acceptable.

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