Thursday, 10 June 2010

At the weekend

As you can see, finding a spot on the beach last Saturday was not a big problem.

This beach is the nearest one to our house, less than 5 minutes in the car. I like beaches more like this one really, with cliffs and rock-pools, but I won't complain about having a big stretch of clean, fine sand on our doorstep.

K enjoyed paddling in the sea; see how his trousers get wetter and wetter in each photo. There was a bit of playing in the sand too, but the most popular activity was definitely scooping and pouring water, using his new watering can and bucket...

By the way, these photos of K are post-haircut :-)

After the previous hair-cutting debacle, I was a bit nervous about doing it again and put it off until I couldn't bear to be asked if K was a girl one more time. I was also very careful not to cut off too much (evidently...) and I think the result is, well, acceptable. That's all I ask.

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