Thursday, 17 June 2010

Colours of summer

Summer seems to be here, although 'officially' we have just entered the rainy season. There were a couple of wet days earlier this week but yesterday and today have been bright, hot and quite humid. Driving back to town just after lunch, I saw a roadside temperature display which read 33 degrees...

When there is some wind, K loves watching this spin around. It was a present from H's relatives.

No, it's not jam, although it did put me in the mood for some lemon curd. We put dollops of this lovely gel into Ziploc bags (taped shut too, just in case...) and then K enjoyed squishing them together and seeing how the colours mixed and changed. I found this idea, called Rainbow in a Bag, on Jo's blog, A Bit Of This And A Bit Of That, ages ago and she originally got it from The Artful Parent. Shall I now pass it on to you?

Mix a cup of corn starch, 1/3 of a cup of sugar and 4 cups of water in a saucepan. Heat it and stir until it thickens, then remove from the heat and stir a bit more. Divide the mixture into 3 and colour it (red, yellow and blue), then let it cool. Put 2 spoonfuls each (or in our case, 'a dollop') of red and blue in one bag, red and yellow in another, blue and yellow in a third and all three colours in the last bag. Then squish! I forgot to take pictures of the results (....) so you'll just have to believe me that they were really quite beautiful.

The rice fields are full of water and lovely and green now, and we often see herons and egrets coming to feast on the frogs and tadpoles. We also spotted a snake close to a metre long yesterday - on our lawn!

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