Saturday, 8 May 2010

A day at the beach

We live just a few minutes from the beach, but it's not terribly exciting. There's some nice sand and, well, the sea, and that's about it. Go for a drive though, and you can find some really lovely coastline. So that's what we did last Sunday...

The place we went to isn't really noticeable from the road so it's not very well-known, but it's a lovely spot. After walking past the little fishing harbour you come to a grassy area where you can camp or barbecue. We did neither, but did have a picnic lunch and K had a wander amongst the wild daikon (Japanese radish) flowers.

Then it was on a bit further, to get down to the serious business of rock-pool-exploring...

K was rather sad to say goodbye to the starfish, but we were off on a little walk again. You used to be able to walk all around the island (joined to the mainland by a little breakwater), but unfortunately a rock slide had blocked the path. Instead we followed some steps up to the top of the hill and got some more lovely sea views...

K walked a lot that day, including up and down all the steps, and didn't ask to be carried at all. Finally we arrived at the tiny sandy beach and had a little paddle. The water was freezing at first but quite pleasant once you got used to it. It was mainly me doing the paddling though; K spent most of his time putting little shells and pieces of sea glass in his pocket.

I don't know what K is pointing to here and, by the look of my face in the photo, I didn't know then either :-)

By the way, H was there too, taking all the photos...


  1. What an absolutely beautiful place! I haven't been down your way very much - only once a long time ago. Makes me want to explore more of Japan!

  2. Hi Diane, how lovely to "meet" you via my blog. Looks like you already have a lot of cool stuff in your life! your little boy is so cute! I would love to visit this beach, looks beautiful.
    I am so glad you de-lurked :)